[ I-Bride ] Medium Flex + ring bit


Bit length: 135 mm.

Bit diameter: 16 mm.

Mouthpiece type: single ring bit

Type of barrel: Medium Flex +: dynamic cushioning and flexibility equivalent to double-jointed jaws

Barrel cover material: Adéliane© (resulting from medical innovation).

Patented technologies.

In stock (can be backordered)



The medium flex + ring bit is made up of an enveloping barrel with dynamic cushioning and a mouthpiece with welded single rings.

The Medium Flex + barrel consists of 3 layers:

a central core determining the flexibility: here, the flexibility + allows you to stimulate the same mechanoreceptors as a double broken barrel.
the body offering ergonomics: under the pressure exerted by the hands of the rider, the barrel adapts to the particularities of the mouth of your equine.
the covering layer giving the cushioning: the information transmitted from the hands of the rider to the mouth of the horse is partially absorbed. This is an intermediate cushioning between Soft (very cushioning) and Strong (little cushioning).

The cover layer is made of Adéliane, a hypoallergenic and biocompatible material. The I-Bride barrel also protects the mucous membranes against overheating, shearing and crushing often observed by the use of a barrel with one or more visible break(s).

I-Bride bits are made of a polymer derived from medical innovation: Adéliane©. It is a hypoallergenic and bio-compatible material. It makes it possible to positively solicit the parasympathetic system of the horse.

The objective is to stimulate the horse’s proprioception. This material is very well accepted by horses and represents a good alternative to metal bits for horses that do not accept these alloys. It helps to keep a stable temperature to facilitate the acceptance and relaxation of the horse.

We do not guarantee this bit against wear.

I-Bride bits should be maintained with water after each use and occasionally with a bit maintenance product.