[ Amazonia ] ELITE food supplement



ELITE / Anti-oxidant, rests muscles after exercise and quickly eliminates lactic acid.


Antioxidant, muscular work, protection of the organism, intervenes in the energy mechanisms.

Vitamin E and Selenium are interdependent and work together as part of a multi-component system supporting a healthy horse. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and closely related to selenium.

Use: 1 week every day, then 2-3x / week in training and competition season.
maintaining the integrity of cell membranes;
growth by contributing to ossification, either directly or by enhancing thyroxine synthesis;
the reproduction ;
red blood cells: reduces the risk of hemolysis (cell destruction);
capillaries: prevents micro-hemorrhages and oedemas;
the parenchyma of the different organs such as the liver, the pancreas, etc;
the muscle: limits the risk of “blood strokes”.

Selenium deficiency
The fodder being very low in selenium (<0.1mg/kg of DM),

Myopathy (muscle disease = “White muscle disease”) in the foal under the dam, resulting in weakness in locomotion, difficulty suckling and swallowing, respiratory distress and impaired heart function;

Tissue damage both in the respiratory and muscular systems in the athletic horse.

Box of 1.5 kg. containing 50 doses of 30 g. Negative in anti-doping tests