[ Amazonia ] Mega Flex dietary supplement



Mega Flex is a chondro-protector which is used for young working horses as well as for horses subjected to great sporting efforts. MEGA FLEX has properties that maintain joints and cartilage.

Glucosamine, collagen type I and II strengthen tendons and joint cartilage.

Collagen constitutes the frame of the bone, and more generally of the connective tissues. Type 2 forms fine fibrils in the ground substance of hyaline cartilage.

Black currant leaf is used for joint mobility.

Minerals and ascorbic acid, essential cofactors, stimulate the regenerative activity of cartilage and promote the incorporation of amino acids into the polypeptide chains of collagen.

Usage: Add one scoop to the base diet daily until improved and then 2-3 x/week preferably on days of competition or rigorous training.

1.5 kg of powder in a jar with a measure of 30 gr. Contains 50 doses of 30 gr. Negative doping test!