[ Amazonia ] Muscle Mass dietary supplement



Essential fitness condition

Usage: from Vit.A, B12 as well as DL – Metionine, lysine from Muscle Mass promotes muscle processes and mass gain. At the same time Muscle Mass contains a high level of vitamins for muscle strength and tone. Vitamins of group A, B1, B2, B12, D3, reduce the reactions of fatigue, which is mandatory for quickly regaining energy.

Canister of 1.5 kg of powder with a measure of 50 ml./ 30 gr.
Contains 50 doses of 50ml. / 30 gr.
Adult horses: 1 scoop each day to add to the basic ration for a 10-day cycle, then 3x per week. Growing foals: one scoop every other day for a 10 day cycle.

Negative in the anti-doping test