[ Amazonia ] Arthro Force food supplement



Arthro Force is recommended for horses suffering from rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Arthro Force is primarily a natural anti-inflammatory. Contains glucosamine which maintains synovial fluid, blackcurrant leaf for joint mobility.

Usage: Blackcurrant leaf is used for joint mobility and for its natural anti-inflammatory action. It has an antioxidant activity estimated at fifty times that of vitamins C and E. Glucosamine, minerals and ascorbic acid, essential cofactors, promote the incorporation of amino acids into the polypeptide chains of collagen.

Presentation: 1.5 kg of powder in a jar with a measure of 30 gr. Contains 50 servings. Dosage: The initial period of administration is 10 days, 1 time per day. Then reduce the dosage by a measure 3x per week.

FEI anti-doping test negative.