[ Amazonia ] Food supplement Dominator


Resistance, recovery. Dominator© is a unique synergy of multivitamins, minerals and amino acids, enriched with Amazonia’s exclusive formula.
Sport horses: mass gain, increased endurance, optimized recovery. Keeps the horse calm and focused.

Anti-doping control negative

On order 10-15 days


Sport horses:: Gain mass, increase resistance to effort, promote recovery. The horse remains calm and concentrated.
Foal: source of vitamins and minerals essential for growth.
Stallion: improves physical condition and seminal fluid.


Pre-competition sports horse: 30g / dosing unit included / 1 to 2 x/day for 10 days. Then 2x / week. Competition day or intensive training: 1x before and 1x each competition day.
Adult horse: 1x / day in 15-day cycles
Growing foal: :1x / day, for 10 days then 1 x / week – Stallion: :30g / day every other day, during riding season.

(Based on a 600kg adult horse).

– Essential nutritional and protective elements to improve general condition, endurance and energy recovery.
– High levels of vitamin E for muscles
– Complex of B vitamins and other vitamins for rapid energy recovery
– Iron to increase and maintain high blood iron levels
– Minerals and electrolytes for hydration, fatigue and improved musculoskeletal development
– Biotin for strong, healthy hooves
– Choline for the liver
– Essential amino acids and lipotropics for protein biosynthesis
– Contributes to the proper growth of foals and colts and to the satisfaction of all organic needs (vitamins and minerals)