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Eclipse Biofarmab

• High-quality, deep-acting liniment gel

• Easy to massage

• To massage the large muscle groups of the horse

Based on pure arnica tincture. Massage liniment for horses. An excellent massage liniment for the horse’s muscles. Easy and convenient to massage. For tendons, joints and ligaments, we recommend a moist-warm blanket. Arnica Montana is a perennial plant belonging to the composite plant family and has long been used as a medicinal plant. Arnica extract is often used to improve blood circulation in blood vessels, which reduces swelling and soothes muscles and joints. Muscles and intense efforts are usually treated with arnica. The Eclipse Biofarmab range includes Arnica and Arnica Gel, both with the same high concentration of extract. Arnica Gel is a high quality, deep acting liniment gel for massaging the muscles of show horses and horses in training.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Pure arnica tincture in the form of arnica flower gel.

FIELD OF APPLICATION For massaging the large muscle groups of the horse.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Carefully massage the arnica gel into the affected area. For tendons, joints and ligaments, we recommend a warm, moist compress.

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