[ Biofarmab ] Liniment blue 1 liter


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Eclipse Biofarmab

• Dual action

• Very easy to use

• Doping for 96 hours

An excellent massage liniment for the muscles, joints and tendons of sport horses. Can be used with or without bandages. Eclipse Biofarmab Liniment Blue is a dual-acting (first cooling, then warming) liniment for the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments of sport horses. With its double action, Liniment Blue is very versatile and can be used on both soft areas (muscles) and hard areas (tendons, joints and ligaments). Before training, liniment is a great way to prepare and warm up the muscles before the physical warm-up. Liniment Blue provides comfortable warmth to help muscles be primed for rapid recovery. Thanks to its double action, the cooling effect prevents the escalation of internal bleeding. As the cooling wears off, the warming effect of the product promotes the flow of healthy new blood to help heal the damage. Liniment Blue is gentle and can therefore be used as often as needed. Note that it contains menthol and therefore has a competition withdrawal time of 96 hours!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Massage liniment in gel form for horses.

FIELD OF APPLICATION For massaging muscles, tendons and joints. Keep out of the reach of children! Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive skin.