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Eric Le Tixerant

The girth acts on the locomotor functions of the front limbs and on the respiratory capacity of your horse. As a result, it influences the cadence and amplitude of strides as well as energy expenditure. Through its action on the saddle or the harness, the girth plays an indirect role on the mobility of the withers, the keystone of the spine. The Eric Le Tixerant ventral ergonomic straps (patented technology) are the result of the synergy of two essential components: – The very high-tech GIBAUD elastic fabric with a high capacity for elongation and support which anatomically and naturally matches the ventral conformation of the your horse. – An ergonomic cushion in natural rubber, honeycombed and non-slip, whose cruciform cut adapts perfectly to the morphology of the sternum. The concept allows much greater elasticity than any other girth without the saddle turning, which has the following consequences: – improving breathing capacity through greater mobility of the rib cage and musculature, – improving the locomotor function by favoring the amplitude of the strides of the forelimbs and a better transmission of the propulsion force of the hindquarters, – to improve the performances by a saving of the energy stock, – to reduce the risks of installation recurrent locomotor problems. The Eric Le Tixerant girth has been adapted to meet the specific expectations of each sport: Obstacle, Dressage, Trot, Driving, Gallop, Western, Endurance… Each sport has its own girth!


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