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Eric Le Tixerant

Girthing has consequences on freedom of movement and breathing capacities of your horse. Then, it implies on stride’s rythm, amplitude, respiratory frequency and volume, and energy expenditure. Through the saddle or harness, the girth has also an indirect effect on the withers, whose mobility must be preserved. Eric Le Tixerant ventral ergonomic girths (patented technology) are the synergy result of two essential components: 1/ Hight technical fabric – designed by the GIBAUD laboratory – which has a very high capacity for elongation and support. The fabric conforms naturally to the ventral anatomy of the horse. 2/ Ergonomic pad made of natural non slip alveolar rubber, which comes in contact with the sternum. Thanks to its cross inner shape, this pad fits perfectly to horse’s thorax. This concept enables a lot higher elasticity than other girths,without problem of turning saddle, which implies : – respiratory capacity improvements, thanks to an increased mobility of the rib cage and of its musculature. – locomotor function improvements, due to greater amplitude of fore limb strides, improved transmission of the limb propulsion force – and, as a consequence, a reduction of repeated locomotor problems. – performance improvements, thanks to energy consumption savings. The Eric Le Tixerant girth has been adapted to meet all specific expectations of each sport : Jumping, Dressage, Racing, Carriage-driving, Gallop racing, Western, Endurance … To each sport, its adapted girth !


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