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Our research and development work on the SOFT’UP CLASSIC stirrup has enabled us to validate the choice of a wider floor with rounded corners in order to improve comfort.

Anxious to bring this improvement to the SOFT’UP PRO, here is SOFT’UP PRO+ with a floor widened by 1.6cm or 27% which, combined with the absorption capacity of spring steel, allows a touch of the foot exceptional.

Exclusive non-slip raised studs


SOFT’UP PRO is the stirrup acclaimed by the best riders in the world for its single branch combining performance, comfort, safety, simplicity. Its patented flexible external branch in Elastollan® facilitates release of the foot in the event of a fall. The wide floor associated with the single branch, ABS shell and tempered spring steel, ensures optimal comfort of use. The spring steel branch divides the forces received by 3.

Technical characteristics :

Monobranch in tempered spring steel with very high mechanical strength (1200 MPA). Elastollan® overmolding
Open eye for the passage of the one-piece freejump stirrup leather
45° eye angle for perfect foot position
Patented flexible external branch in Elastollan® (easy release of the foot in the event of a fall)
Branch offset on the front of the floor for a natural inclination
Made in France.

Weight 1.255 kg

Noir-Noir, Noir-Bleu, Noir-Rouge, Bordeaux, Choco-Noir, Marine-Noir, Rose