[ Acavallo ] Wave Sensitive Bit


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Horses love this new Acavallo bit for a variety of reasons:

– It is made of innovative and anti-allergic plastic material instead of heavy and/or cold alloy or metal;
– The one-piece design prevents any compression or pinching of the tongue, as well as painful irritation of the palate (no Nutcracker effect);

– The new design, which has a multitude of small “waves”, is a great help when working horses with hardened or naturally special and sensitive mouths. Horses learn not to lean on the bit. The bit’s waves and lightweight structure stimulate the horse’s chewing activity, while helping them approach the well-balanced bit gently and evenly;
– It builds the horse’s confidence in the rider’s hand through its positioning and helps it find its own balance;
– Soft steel reinforcement allowing soft but sure control.

An ideal choice especially for the youngest or for difficult horses.