[ EquiGroomer ] Shedding brush

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The EquiGroomer 9″ (25cm) brush is well suited to the horse thanks to its size and good grip. Effectively removes hair – especially perfect for the horse’s moulting period, but really can be used all year round, also for removing dirt and mud from all parts of the horse’s body, including legs and belly . It is used a bit like a curry comb, but with additional advantages.

The blade of the EquiGroomer brushes has a micro-teeth design that only removes already dead hair, and does not pull live hair from the animal’s body. And because of this design, the EquiGroomer is particularly practical for sensitive pets who cannot tolerate the wide teeth of more traditional blades. In fact, most horses find grooming very relaxing and enjoyable.


Bleu, Orange, Rose, Vert pomme, Rouge, Violet, Bois naturel, Turquois


Petite (13cm), Grande (25cm)