[Beris] Swales with tongue pass


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Beris Swales bit with tongue passage. The Swales bit is very similar to the pelham bit, it is used on hot horses having difficulty bending their neck. It allows precise and manual action in the event of a critical situation.

The Swales bit is used with 2 pairs of reins and a curb chain. The barrel with tongue passage is particularly suitable for horses which pass their tongue over the bit or which cannot bear pressure on the tongue and which react by shaking their head for example. This Beris bit offers maximum room for the tongue and allows horses to relax.
This Swales bit is available in soft barrel (for sensitive horses) or hard (for powerful horses).
Sizes: 130 or 140. Temples short 5 cm or long 7 cm. Delivered without bracelet, with bit washers.

The bit is positioned correctly with the engraving visible on the left side of the horse’s mouth.


Soft, Hard


Courtes, Longues


130,  140