[ Compositi ] EOLE PRO stirrups



Design stirrup with shock absorber. With its clean lines, the EOLE PRO stirrup has been specially designed by our designers to provide you with maximum comfort and efficiency. Its wide sole, fixed on a shock-absorbing layer, tilts backwards to follow the natural movement of your foot. This unique system releases tension in your knees and joints. The stainless steel metal spikes offer reinforced grip in all conditions. Its interchangeable eyelets allow you to opt for a classic or perpendicular positioning of the stirrup.


Use :
– Confirmed.
Advantages :
– Shock absorber (great comfort).
– Wide PRO ultra-grip soles thanks to metal spikes (not interchangeable).
– 2 sets of eyelets supplied with the pair of stirrups (classic or perpendicular position).
– Light, stable and perfectly balanced stirrup.
– Ease of maintenance.
– Resistance to shocks and humidity, even at low temperatures.
– Very high quality technical polymer (tensile strength: > 700 kg).
– 2 years warranty against product conformity defects.
– The warranty is excluded in the event of modification of the stirrups, inappropriate use or any abuse whatsoever.
– The warranty is also excluded in the event of lack of maintenance by the customer, use of unsuitable and/or corrosive maintenance products and in the event of intervention by the customer on the product (dismantling, modification).
– Normal wear of wear parts, scratches and discoloration following excessive exposure to sunlight are also excluded from the warranty.
– We recommend replacing your product after 5 years of use to guarantee all conditions of safety and comfort.