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Extra-Wide Stirrup Leather – WIDTH 35MM GREAT COMFORT OF USE



Extra-Wide Stirrup Leather – WIDTH 35MM GREAT COMFORT OF USE

Over the years, stirrup leathers have gradually narrowed in width to the detriment of rider comfort.

Already a precursor with the PRO GRIP of the current general movement back to wider stirrup leathers, freejump innovates again with this new Classic Wide stirrup leather specially designed for the SOFT’UP CLASSIC stirrup and the AIR’S stirrup.


Vegetable-tanned leather lined with nylon
Holes spaced 15mm apart for very precise adjustment of the stirrup leather length.
Stirrup leather perfectly adapted to the wide eye of SOFT’UP CLASSIC stirrups.
Extra wide stirrup leather over the entire length allows a wide range of adjustment and ensures stability and comfort for the rider

We do not repeat it enough but combining the Classic Wide stirrup leathers with the Soft’Up Classic stirrups or the Air’s brings even more comfort and stability to the riders!
Designed to fit perfectly in the eye of these two stirrup models, the width of the stirrup leather (35mm) prevents unwanted movement of the stirrup and provides true leg stability!



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