[ Keller’s ] Linseed



before stomach aches and digestive disorders appear
to stimulate digestion and regulate
intestinal catarrhs
to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa
to bring a better nutritional balance!
to give a shiny, short hair and a supple skin
to improve performance
to contribute to the extensibility and elasticity of muscles and tendons, essential both for sport and during births.
to nourish naturally
joints – tendons – hooves – skin
thanks to GELS (gelatins) formed by mucilages and oils
to repel ticks, which hate linoleic acids.


easy to use: simply add to oats or feed concentrate
time saving: no cooking, no cooker, less work = less cleaning!
daily prevention of colic and its consequences (costs, even loss of the animal)
slowing the appearance of joint, muscle and tendon problems (wear)


10kg, 25kg