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Sweet Bite – better sugar for your horse and a treat with many health benefits!

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CAVATINOS is a registered trademark of Nutricheval AB Sweden and the raw material used to make Sweet Bite a better sugar for horses.

Although it looks a lot like regular sugar, this is a very different thing! The nutritious fermented sugar, Sweet Bite (CAVATINOS), contains properties that make it a healthy feed for the horse, and particularly suitable for sport horses.

Fermented sugar can be thought of as a nutrient that has been enriched by bacteria, as well as enzymes that promote fermentation. Unlike other carbohydrates such as glucose and regular sugar, CAVATINOS prevents insulin spikes from forming in the body. These insulin spikes cause the horse to get energy fast, but the energy also fades quickly. CAVATINOS blocks them, producing energy that lasts longer. CAVATINOS (isomaltulose) is absorbed much more slowly than any other carbohydrate, which means it releases insulin much more evenly into the blood, promoting a stable and long-lasting energy supply, making training much more effective.

Sweet Bite is a source of carbohydrates which are released very evenly into the blood, ensuring the horse has energy during training without constant fluctuations in energy levels. In addition, it maintains muscle glycogen storage, reducing muscle fatigue during training. It can also prove to be a very effective source of energy when you want to increase a horse’s muscle mass and achieve better results in exercises that require intense strength and also in exercises that want to increase endurance.

Benefits of Sweet Bite (CAVATINOS) for the horse? CAVATINOS not only produces energy for your horse, but acts as a valuable macro-nutrient for the horse’s diet. The advantage of CAVATINOS over other carbohydrate supplements is its gentle action, which ensures the body’s energy supply for many hours, while other supplements give an energy peak in just a few minutes. CAVATINOS also does not raise the pH of the mouth like normal glucose and therefore does not cause tooth wear or plaque formation. CAVATINOS is therefore also particularly suitable for horses with dental problems and cavities.


  • Brings long-lasting energy.
  • Is healthy for horses’ teeth.
  • Is a good source of energy for training.
  • Is healthy for horses with metabolic problems.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: 99.9% fermented sugar.

Box of 650gr