[ Jump’In ] C061 Blue Steel bit large flat rings


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Blue Steel bit large flat rings

Composition: 90 mm 2 ring bit, 17 mm thick barrel in Blue Steel. The Blue Steel alloy which covers this range of Jump’In bits is composed of 54% carbon and 46% manganese. Blue Steel bits oxidize on contact with air and moisture. A thin layer of sweet-tasting rust appears which naturally stimulates saliva production. By salivating more, the horse makes more contact on its bit. In this oxidation process the color will change to grey/brown.

Effect: The 2-ring bit is the easiest bit in action, both from the rider and in the action in the horse’s mouth, the large flat rings will simply provide very slight leverage and above all better framing. This bit is very suitable for young horses in their first steps.

User advice: This bit is one of the great classics, suitable for all types of horses. This alloy will oxidize over time and therefore rust, which will help the horse relax during work.

Sizes: 125 and 135

Maintenance advice: Rinse the bit well after each use to limit the deposit of residues and cause discomfort for your horse.


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125, 135